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AppUp Centre Beta Testing

I have submitted a new updated version of my game, now at V1.5, and I am currently at the 'optional' beta stage. I have a second AppUp account for testing, which I used a while ago to download the original V1.0 of my game. I un-install this and then reset the netbook, and return to AppUp store. When I look for the game, the description shows V1.0 and there is absolutely no indication that the version I am downloading is the beta version. The version still shows V1.0 in the app description.

Shortcut Information Inside The MSI - Contradiction?

Hi Guys, The article on the contents of an MSI at this link is excellent: Highly recommended for anyone submitting any type of MSI installer! I was having problems getting an MSI built with War Setup to validate (comes back with app cannot launch from AppUp client - error -13). I can probably hack the MSI about with ORCA to get it through (eventually), but in the meantime I have found a contradiction:

My App is STILL not published!!

I had my first game "Search-Lite" pass validation 28th October 2010. It is still not published... I just pushed an updated installer through validation (it passed) and yet the game is still showing as "Draft" in my dashboard and not available on AppUp... I'm averaging at least one download per day of the free Demo version and might very well be missing out on some sales because of this. Can someone please tell me why it is not being published?!?!

App is validated and published, but I still can't see it in the AppUp store

My app was successfully validated and published on "11-23-2010 07:30:07 PM (GMT)", but I still can't see it in the AppUp store. Neither on the desktop client package (on which I doubt I will ever see it, since I live in Russia and paid apps are still not supported here) nor on the website. When my app should be ready for sale? The app's name is "Super Sapper: The Ultimate Minesweeper". Thank You

Validation failure detail

Hi, Our second Appup app - PhatKix - failed validation even though we used exactly the same MSI settings deployed in our first app - Exemplar - which was successfully published. The message we received was 'Application does not download from the App Up client. An error is received in the App Up client'. A jpg showing error -1 was included in the report. We believe it may be a corrupted file - the MSI is around 1.2Gb - but would like to know if PhatKix launched natively - i.e. outside of the App Up client.

More details required for the rejection

Hi, I have submitted an application which got rejected with the following reasons: The application does not launch from the AppUp client. But we cannot figure out why it can't be launched from the AppUp client, when it can be launched from the 'Others' folder successfully. If there is any issue with the AppUp client itself? or we are missing something that makes the launch from AppUp also working? Regards, Shyamaraj KS

The app installs and launches natively but not from within AppUp.

Two of my applications have been rejected for this reason: Test Results for Windows XP "Application does not download or install from AppUp. The app installs and launches natively but not from within AppUp. The most common issue observed in this area has to do with properly advertised shortcuts within the .msi ." It would be nice to know, if the installation from Windows7 works. To know what ist working and what ist not working. I would like to know it because I tested it in Betastatus only on W7 and it works fine. So if it installs and launches natively on XP. -> Tested in validation.
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