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Exported jar file from eclipse is not running for the beta test after i uploaded to the intell appup center ?

Hi All, Exported jar file is not running for the beta test after i uploaded to the intell appup center ? I have created a java intel app and it is running fine from the Eclipse. But the problem is: I export the app as Runnable jar file (including the intel app up SDK jar file) Validate it and it even runs after validating. But When i submit the jar file for beta testing in intell appip center it is not running. Any body know the reason why ? any thing is missing ? do I need to create .MSI file for java apps also ? and how to create it ?

"The Application did not initialize properly" Error on running windows java based intel app ?

Hi, I am new to intel appup development, I want to create Windows Java based application. I have created a java application and integrated the intel app up SDK with Eclipse, I followed the this link to do that '' When i run the app i am getting an error like this "com.sun.xml.internal.messaging.saaj.client.p2p.HttpSOAPConnection post SEVERE: SAAJ0009: Message send failed " and ''Caught Initialization exception in application with exception code: The application did not initialize properly''.

Testing App without eclipse

Hi, Does anyone know how to properly test the application without eclipse ? When I use the Java Packager Utility (from the sdk), it output/create xxxx.jar file, but this can't be executed. However, when I extract the jar file, and double click the launcher jar, it executes successfully and the software debugger produces the following output Application Service Status Request: SDK Version= 1.1.2; API Level=3 Application Service Status Response: Compatible Application Authorization Request: SDK Version= 1.1.2; ApplicationUUID =11111111-1111-1111-1111-111111111111 Authorizing...

AppUp Store and Netbeans Platform Application

Hi, Does anyone know how to distribute Netbeans Platform based application on AppUp store ? Basically it is just normal java application, but with different classloader for each module. But it must follow certain folder structure. And the launcher is a exe file (not jar) which querying the environment and setup the classpath. Thanks
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