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Air Meego deployment

Hi! We recently finished remaking an existing product to work on meego (size, touch interface etc.). We have tested the application on the wetab and it works grate! We only have one issue right now, when we are about to deploy it on Intel AppUp we only find windows xp and windows 7 as supported plattforms, how come? Is there anyway we can wrap the application into a native application to run on Meego, WeTab? Thanks

Adobe AIR developers - Join us at 360|Flex for an AppUp session

Hello Adobe AIR developers! If you're in the Denver area on April 11, join the Intel AppUp developer program for a lunch session on Writing AIR Applications for the Intel AppUp center. Register for the conference at and use code IntelAppUp to receive 20% off your session pass!

Support for Flash Develop IDE?

I am trying to use the Flash Develop IDE ( with Flex 4.1 sdk (flex_sdk_4.1.0.16076) targetting Air 2.5 and it compiles fine but fails when trying to connect to the internet to check the license. The forum doesn't let me upload jpegs so I couldn't provide a screenshot but it is basically telling me it couldn't connect to the internet. My internet connection appears fine though. Will my current setup not work or has it just not been tested yet? thanks Fintan

Protected media assets in Adobe Air packages

Hi, I want to provide protection for media assets used in application like videos from being used outside the application. Can you please let me know or guide me to appropriate resources for achieving this. Also if I need to use DRM approach to protect the assets does Intel AppUp API provide any feature or DRM server for us to use for our application media assets. Also please let me know of any other feasible approach for this. Thanks a lot in advance.

Difference between publishing through Adobe vs. publishing through AppUp

Good day, Would you be able to answer the following? I'm building my app in Adobe AIR. One road block I ran into was spending $300 on a signed cert which I'm not interested in purchasing. Then I see that Adobe is offering a 1 year cert if I publish through them. So this week I'm researching publishing through Adobe. They have already sent me OK to proceed but I need to find out what the difference is between publishing through Adobe versus publishing through AppUp. If you have any information that would help I would love to know.

Components in Adobe AIR

Hello, New to this forum, tried to do a search before posting but could not find a relevant post. Our AIR application is soon finished and we want to let the user buy components to it, is this possible in such application? And is it possible to have a link inside the application that links to the right component in the AppUp Store? Thanks!
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