Flat Fee Components Tools and App Services (Archived)

AppAble Binary Wrapper

Description: The AppAble Binary Wrapper application for Windows is your solution if you use any other development environment or you prefer not to touch your original code. Price: US$100.00 URL: http://www.bakno.com/AppAble/index.html Other Info Version: 2.5 Publisher: baKno Games Publish Date: Jan 2011 Technology: Stand alone application Language(s): N/A Usage Notes: The trial package comes with detailed instructions. After purchase, an email is sent with the license key to unlock the application.

AppAble Libraries

Description: The AppUp libraries for alternative development environments. The AppAble libraries are available for the following development environments: - Unity Pro - Runtime Revolution - Flash with Zinc - Java (any desktop J2SE IDE for Windows or Linux) - C Sharp (for any Windows compiler like MonoDevelop or Visual Studio) - C Plus Plus (for any Windows compiler like MingW, VC++ or Borland C++) - Python (Version 2.x on any compiler, for Windows or Linux) - Ruby (for any Windows compiler) - Delphi (for Borland Delphi 6.x or higher) - Director (Version 8.5 or higher) Price: US$50.00

About This Forum & Forum Rules

The intent of this forum is to support flat fee components solutions, until the time Intel supports a flat fee model in our components services and developer catalog. Feel free to use this forum to post information & links for developers to purchase & download; developer components, tools, & application services and for AppUp application. Follow this thread to post. Use This Template For Posting

Before you post

As a poster you must provide access to download and means to purchase your flat free component solution. Intel will not be providing a commerce solution, nor will Intel be reporting payments for solutions listed in this forum. As a poster and publisher of the component you are responsible for support issues and proper licensing or your product.

Before you buy

Be aware that products, services and tools posted here are not validated or tested by Intel. Also we do not endorse or support components listed in this Forum. For any support or questions on components listed here you must contact the poster of the component solutions. Purchase of components will be done between developers using a poster’s commerce solution. Intel providing this forum as a means for developers to post information and links to flat fee components but will not be involved in the sale or licensing of components listed in this forum.

Use This Template For Posting

Before posting be sure to read the “Before You Post” thread. We advise using the following template to post information and links for your flat fee components. We advise you keep your descriptions short and under 200 characters. Posts that do not use this template may be deleted. Title of Thread: Body of Thread - follow below format Description: Price: URL: Other Info Version: Publisher: Publish Date: Technology: Language(s): Usage Notes:

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