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How to create an Intel App with msi file or with some Folders

Hi, I want to create an Intel App. Using this URL Go to 'Make your App' tab. In that i m uploading a zip file that contains MSI Installer or any Folders (Ex: Setup.msi). Getting an error related error related to uploading zip file.

AppUp Creator update release

Hello AppUp™ Creator Developers!

We have just released a minor update of AppUp™ Creator to address some features that didn't make it into the initial release. Also features that you were asking for.

Fixes and New Features:

1. Support for multiple instances of the same widget

a. You can now add 2 or more Facebook* or other widgets to your application

2. Map widget will only ask for 1 address.

Universal Automation in Development - Applies up to Non-Techs

Hi, We happened to discover universal and absolute way of automating development. It applies up to the level of non-techs (we were in process of integrating it to Google's AppInventor, but it got discontinued). The key-aspect is that the automation is modular; the full-high-profile architecure automation is at the bottom, covered with 1-n versions of various simplification layers.

creator does not load and page only shows 'Creator landing page container'

I can't load the creater applet, I just see 'Creator landing page container.' instead. It was working OK last week, used My IE is: Version: 9.0.8112.16421 Update Versions: 9.0.3 (KB2586448) Thanks!

App created with Creator Beta not passing binary validation from AppUp program

Hello, a message for AppUp creator owners. I created an app for windows, download it, test it, and submitted it to app for publishing. But it was rejected as it has not passed binary validation. What can I do. I assumed that something built with the creator will not have problems with validation. Thanks. Dan
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