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Hello HTML5 Developers:

We have completed the transition from the Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta (“Beta Site”) to the new App Dev Center website where you can find the Intel® XDK and other newly acquired HTML5 development tools. The Intel® HTML5 Development Environment Beta site has been closed, effective on March 31, 2013.

Android Build Failed When Using cordova-plugin-googleplus


I am creating a application in intelXDK where I want to use native social login , like facebook and googleplus/gmail. when including the google plus plugin "cordova-plugin-googleplus" / "" getting build failure error.


App working on EMULATOR but not working on REAL DEVICE

The application on which I am working on works perfectly on the emulator but it is not working on the actual device(phone). On real device after installing the .apk file the screen goes blank .Please help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Any help will be highly appreciated


Design view item detail page template?

I have a listitem.
I want after clicking on the item detail new data load of items.

I want get parameter form "#itemSearch/'+manh+'/'+taikhoan+"  // <a href="#itemSearch/'+manh+'/'+taikhoan+'" data-refresh-ajax="true"
I want to design a panel for all items. and every time you click on a detailed item data load of that item, to load detailed data I need the parameters on the item. So I do like?

See code after 




XDK can't play audio.!

I recently make education app with intel xdk, honestly im newbie. i have problem with audio player. when i put in audio into my project using MEDIA>AUDIO.

i added audio file with format .ogg and .wav, in emulator my project can play them without any problem, but when i build it into android (APK) and install it into real device the audio wont play.

This is the code right?

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