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cordova Android Build failed


I am  receiving the below error when adding the cordova project in Intel XDK and when building the project as Android Platform.I am using Intel XDK in Ubuntu 14.04.

And also  i am receiving error in javascript file while adding  file in js folder inIntel XDK i.e 'document' is not defined and 'window' is not defined in js.

The build failed.

An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again.

Build Log:

html5 freedom for beginners

html5 freedom for beginners.

I keep my everyday-used information (like photo/video/notes etc.) in my phone in html format.
It is like a web page, but kept on my phone's memory card.
And it is not strongly attached to my current mobile OS.
I mean this page can be easily copied to any mobile phone with any OS
supporting html5 and where browser can access to html file saved on memory card.
Follows are some instructions about this html file.

How to download project files from Testing Server

I have been using Intel XDK for an android apk. This project is using Jquery platform. I have always pushed my project update to Testing server. Three days ago, Intel XDK unexpectedly crashed and I have lost every single files saving in the project location of local pc after reopened Intel XDK. Index.html file size changed to zero bytes in WWW folder. I have signed in to before. I have known I can download my project files in here.

Unable to install XDK Web Win


Ive been unable to install xdk_web_win_master_2248.exe

Ive downloaded it several times, trying to install it on windows 7 that is fully updated. Laptop has a fresh install of windows on it. The only other software installed is Office 2007.

When I run the exe file the splash screen comes up for 4-5 seconds and that it. Nothing running in task manager, no files ever get copied to the hard drive and I there are no errors.

Im at a loss here as to why it fails, any help would be appreciated.

Thank you


Why in the XDK emulator works perfect, but does not work in mobile ?

Help me, please!  I made a small test with a combo with ajax that brings data to select one of your options. In the emulator XDK, it worked perfectly, but in the mobile only executed the HTML scritps.
Permission tried something, but I do not think I took the right path. Below are the 4 steps I have taken from the beginning to the execution in the emulator:
1) I clicked on the PROJECTS tab (below) and include the URLs used by the programs "Domain List":

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