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Fun Idea:

At one of the local developer groups I attend, they are considering utilizing the ATOM Developer Challenge as an exciting competition at the local level. Basically a dozen or so individuals are going to enter the Intel Developer Challenges to see if anyone from the group can win. They will add some minor rules of their own to make it interesting (Must be completed in a week for example).

Congratulations Team Tecagora - latest winner of the Intel Atom Developer Challenge

Check out the latest winner on the challenge website, Congratulations Team Tecagora, developers of Snapact Photo Manager, who won $10,000 USD in the Best of Entertainment app category.

file uploads

Can the support files (not the code) be PowerPoint slides? WMV movies? Should they be ZIPped? Is there a size limit? If we instead give a URL is there a limit on how many webpages a reviewer would (or must) read? Are web pages that work in Internet Explorer sufficient, oir do we have to support other browsers that reviewers might use?

Meet the winner of the Best of Home & Lifestyle Application prize category

Dmitry Ryzhkov,, is the latest winner in the Intel Atom Developer Challenge. His application, My Little Artist, won $10,000 USD for “Best of Home & Lifestyle application” category.“My Little Artist”,, is a free drawing program for kids. It combines an easy-to-use interface (optimized for netbooks) and amazing drawing tools to help a child to be creative. Congratulations Dmitry!

Why should Open Source mean Free (free as in beer) in IADP?

I am not sure if this is the right forum to raise this topic? I mean, the other 2 forums are for SDK and Support. So here goes... I have an open source app, which I wish to sell...The IADP submission process doesn't allow me to sell an open source app...why is this so? What's the reasoning behind it? My view is this...

HOW TO: Creating your MSI installer using Visual Studio 2008

So you want to create an MSI installer... As we know from reading the Application Packaging Requirements Guide (, we must provide our entry in a MSI format for Windows entries. I have received numerous requests for assistance in doing this. Here is a simple step by step to create your MSI installer. Step 1 Create a Setup and Deployment Project
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