Intel AppUp® Developer Challenge (Archived)

Status History Missing?

In reviewing My Dashboard, I noticed that the Status History portions are incomplete on all entries. URL: Where did the "Date Submitted" go? I see Submission removed, and the validation dates, but no "Date Submitted". I have all of my Submission Emails, however this date should be in the Status History as well right?

Missing Submission Dates on Validated Application

All my submission dates were removed. Can this be fixed or was there a reason behind this? :) How will this affect the Early Bird Challange? "From amongst applications received in the Intel Atom Developer Challenge between the date the Beta SDK becomes available and 21st December 2009, and from amongst participants who wish to participate in the ‘Submit Early. Win big’ promotion, an Intel panel of judges will choose five (5) applications out of all validated entries as winners. "
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