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Come sapete Edison viene distribuita con un'immagine di Yocto Linux. L'immagine contiene tutto il software necessario al funzionamento di base del sistema e diverse utilissime librerie, ma per chi, come me, e' abituato ad usare GNU/Linux normalmente, troverebbe alcune mancanze fastidiose.

Yocto e' ottima per costruire distribuzioni customizzate al proprio prodotto, ma compilare pacchetti e librerie non e' esattamente banale.

Intel® IoT Roadshow Taipei, Taiwan

We had an Intel IoT roadshow at Taipei on 16th and 17th of May 2015 at CLBC flagship.

128 attendees developed 32 working prototypes in 48 hours. We provided our IoT developer kit to each attendee which had an Intel Edison board, Arduino expansion board and many basic sensors. People also got their own sensors to work with Edison.

We gave a session to the participants on how to get started with Edison and an overview of all the supported software tools and SDK to get their work going.

Participe do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015 - Sao Paulo

Nos dias 19 e 20 de Junho, vamos realizar em São Paulo, no Insper, a edição brasileira do Intel IoT Roadshow 2015, uma série de 20 eventos que serão realizados em diversos países, divulgando o kit para desenvolvimento de IoT da Intel.

Com o formato de hackathon, iremos utilizar no evento a placa Intel Edison e o Grove Starter Kit, em conjunto com o kit para desenvolvimento de IoT da Intel, um conjunto de softwares e bibliotecas Open Source que permitem o desenvolvimento de soluções utilizando a IDE do Arduino, Javascript (node.js), C/C++, Python e Scratch (via Wyliodrin).

Communicate to Arduino code with your Android* Phone by Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP) on Intel® Edison


In Arduino environment, it's convenient to access BT SPP like a serial port and react to the command string sent from the BT serial port. Many Arduino projects have utilized this way to allow remote control for their projects. In the past, you'll need additional BT shield or BT kit to archive it on Intel® Galileo. Now, since we have built-in BT support on Intel® Edison, you can use Edison module with Arduino breakout board to do it. NO additional BT shield is required!

WearHacks Kicks Off in Toronto

WearHacks is an international non-profit organization headquartered in Montreal, focused on the promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship in Wearable Technology and Internet of Things all over the world. They kicked off this past weekend in Toronto, drawing hundreds of attendees and bringing together developers, designers, project managers, students, and engineers with an entrepreneurial and creative mind.

IoT roadshow 台灣站 各路高手匯集!

IoT roadshow 台灣站 順利落幕,這次活動中Hackathon的部分,各路高手參與,最後選出第一名一位,第二名兩位,第三名三位。分別介紹如下:

第一名 MABO (孩童校園監控系統)


在英特尔物联网平台上安装Eclipse* 集成开发环境


英特尔® 物联网开发人员套件可支持在英特尔® 物 联网平台上创建和测试应用。 它能够帮助您使用 C 和 C++ 语言编写应用,并提供了专门针对英特尔物联 网开发人员套件设计的两个库:

  • MRAA 是一种低级别库,可将通用输入/ 输出 (GPIO) 接口转换成 pin,以供 Galileo 或 Edison 开发板使用。
  • UPM 是用 C++ 编写的传感器资源库,它 使用 MRAA 库。

本指南介绍了如何在 Windows*、OS X* 或 Linux* 上安装 Eclipse IDE。

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  • 使用分层为英特尔® Galileo开发板创建Yocto镜像

    本文介绍了如何从源代码为英特尔® Galileo 开发板(英特尔® 物联网开发人员套件的一部分)创建映像。 首先,需要获取编译映像需要使用的多个层。 您需要有足够大的磁盘空间 (~20GB),并且需要运行 最新的 64 位版 Linux* 操作系统。 我们在 Debian 7 和 openSUSE 12 上进行了尝试,希望其他系统上也能够运行。

    该映像基于 poky 的 'daisy' 分支:
    $ git clone --branch daisy git:// iotdk
    $ cd iotdk

    添加几个层 :
    $ git clone git://
    $ git clone --branch daisy git:// middleware
    $ git clone git:// galileo

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