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Measure Ceph RBD performance in a quantitative way (part I)

Providing a high performance and cost effective volume block Storage service is an important and challenging job for every cloud service provider. There are many open source projects trying to satisfy this requirement. Among those, Ceph is an interesting one for its decent unified architecture. To better understand Ceph performance and identify future optimization opportunities, we conduct a lot of experiments with different workloads and IO pattern.

Hadoop4Win + Eclipse 运行 WordCount 程序

1. 系统+软件

     WinXP + Eclipse Version: 4.2.1


2. Hadoop4Win



   path 添加:d:/hadoop4win/bin;

3. Eclipse

    3.1 安装插件  需要下载hadoop-0.20.3-dev-eclipse-plugin.jar,否则Run on Hadoop没有反应! Google搜索下载即可!

    3.2 设置Map/Reduce Location



4. 运行程序

Developers And Cloud Computing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs)

I attended the Cloud Expo in New York City at the Javits Center in June. The attendees were a mix of Web hosting companies, web developers, software developers, hardware developers, and operating system developers. The event sponsors included Intel®, IBM*, Citrix*, Rackspace*, Oracle*, Verizon Terremark*, Akamai*, and many more.  Everyone came to learn, share, and we agreed that the development cycle was quicker than expected for new software and products using the.

Does it help to know "Scalability" ratings of Software when making hardware and software procurement decisions?

The answer is "Yes, of course!" as I explain below. But first, an analogy.Toys, more generally - kids toys, are typically rated based on the target age group for which the toys are recommended. There is in fact a 300-odd page document that provides the guidelines!  While not based on exact science, the age rating does help in toy selection.

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