Cannot start XDK on Ubuntu et al Linux installs

This is a known issue that is under investigation. We hope to have it resolved in the next release of the Intel XDK. In the meantime, please see this FAQ for additional help > If that does not work try the workaround described below (which is also described in this post:

Intel XDK IoT Edition- October release announcement - Version 2571

Announcing the latest version of the Intel XDK IoT Edition.  The version number is 2571.

Some of the new features in this update are:
•    There is a new Upload/Sync workflow
•    Updates to the SerialPort Console
•    IoT Daemon updates

For detailed information on the release, please see the release notes here:

Add plugins via Plugin Management Tool and avoid intelxdk.config.additions.xml file

The latest versions of Intel XDK (2496 and up) now include a Plugin Management Tool that simplifies adding and managing Cordova plugins. We urge all users to manage their plugins from existing or upgraded projects using this tool. If you were using intelxdk.config.additions.xml file to manage plugins in the past, you should remove them and use the Plugin Management Tool to add all plugins instead.

Why you should be using the Plugin Management Tool:

avoid copy/paste from Facebook dashboard to Facebook plugin parameters

One of our very passionate developers has discovered a very odd problem with the Facebook Connect plugin, that is caused by performing a simple copy and paste action from the Facebook Dashboard to the Intel XDK. Probably for responsive design reasons, if your Facebook App Name is 11 or more characters long there will be "soft hyphen" characters inserted into your Facebook app's name. These extra characters are hidden from view, but they are part of the name that you copy from the Facebook dashboard.

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