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intel system studio : cannot download earlier version (2014)


For project maintenance purpose, I need to download and install an earlier version of Intel Studio Professional.

I could get a license for 2015 version with no issue, but there's no way to select earlier 2014 version for download.

Can you help on this?

Thanks, Olivier.


C++ 64 compiler with inline {asm} 64-bit code

I wish to develop a 64-bit math library, C++, for Windows, on a 64-bit Windows. To start with, Single Core (not parallel). The compiler must include 64-bit inline {asm} code. To be integrated with the Visual C IDE (and debugger).  

The logic will be C++, the workhorse - MASM routines (Microsoft ML for X86_64/AMD64) and/or inline code.

Later, I may need, perhaps, a Linux version too. But that is far in the future.

The Intel Composer Xe 2013 would do: I have checked it.  I don't need the extra tools included in Composer Parallel Studio 2015, nor the parallel support.

Using Intel® System Studio in a Virtual Machine Environment

Intel® System Studio and many of its components can be used for software development, analysis and debug targeting workloads running inside virtualized guest OSs. In many ways developing for a virtualized environment is only an extension of the concept of cross-development.

For compilers and libraries this implies that they can be used either in cross-build fashion or as a native compiler installed as part of your guest OS. Here as usual the expectation is that a GNU toolchain is present that the Intel® C++ Compiler can integrate with.

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