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Intel XDK: Einführung zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung mit HTML5 und JavaScript

Die Microsoft Virtual Academy veröffentlichte ein kostenfreies Video-Training, das einen Einstieg zur Cross-Plattform Entwicklung bietet.

Der Kurs baut auf 6 Module auf:
- Die Cross-Plattform Entwicklung
- Das Intel XDK
- Das Intel App Framework
- Responsive Webdesign
- Sensoren
- Web-Services

Passend zu jedem Modul gibt es einen sogenannten "Selbstbewertungstest". Insgesamt gibt es 65 Punkte.

Broadening Participation in Visualization Workshop

Clemson University hosted the first Broadening Participating in Visualization workshop on February 10-11, 2014. I was honored to serve as a panelist and keynote on visualization from an industry perspective. Visualization plays a significant role in the exploration and understanding of data across all disciplines and the workshop served as an opportunity for networking and mentoring among underrepresented groups in the field of visualization.

Intel Galileo Pac-man game using Bluetooth

Over the past weekend I attended an Intel sponsored 3 days make-a-thon at Tech Shop in San Francisco, California. The premise of this is to make-a-thon was to make a wearable game by using Intel’s Galileo Development board and a wide array of sensors. Our project was to make a game similar to Pac-man.

Getting Involved with Student Hackathons

Thinking about helping out but don’t know where to start?  Have questions or concerns? This list of information/F.A.Q. is for you.

What do I get out of this?

You'll gain experience teaching, public speaking, and managing multiple teams and projects. You'll hone your skills with the technologies being used.  Also, the events are fun!  You'll impact students’ lives in a positive way and if your hackathon is part of the Code for Good initiative, you'll be helping society at large.

Three progamming points to mention on Offloaded Code for Intel® Graphics Technology

Intel® Graphic Technology is a supported part of the compiler product. Developers should adhere to the programming guidelines in order to benefit from the compiler and GT features efficiently.

1."#pragma offload target(gfx)" is required to mark the parallel loop as an "offload region".  The "__declspec(target(gfx))" does not do that.  It merely states that the function should be compiled to run on the GFX target.

For example, the following incorrect code snippet use is from a customer:

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    These events can show non-coders new potential, teach effective software development practices, help students acquire specific technology and interpersonal skills, and bridge the gap between academia and the real world.  In school, you learn and then apply; in the real world, you have to apply without learning.  These events help participants “learn how to learn,” learning through application.

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