Arduino Create*

Supports Intel®-Based Platforms

Use this integrated, cloud-based development solution for your C++ development to enable streamlined prototyping of commercial applications based on Intel® architecture.

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When used with an Intel-based platform, you can enable new capabilities for development including:

  • Flexibility with target platform choices and support for Ubuntu* and Wind River Linux* operating systems
  • Support for multiple sketches running concurrently and making system calls
  • Straightforward examples using Amazon Web Services (AWS)* and Microsoft Azure* cloud services for easy integration
  • Built-in library support for Intel® Math Kernel Library and MRAA
  • Export projects to the 2019 version of Intel® System Studio

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A number of developer kits can use Arduino Create* for fast and flexible development.

IEI TANK* AIoT Developer Kit

This kit comes with preinstalled software and IDEs for rapid computer vision development and go-to-market capabilities for any industry.