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1:16 PM PDT
Using Arduino* IDE for Windows* with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit
di Mike P. (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/19/20141
This document shows you how to use the Arduino IDE along with the Intel® IoT Developer Kit (dev kit) tools. While the dev kit offers several extras in the way of libraries and tools, you can use the Arduino IDE without it; just follow this link. However, if you want to use your Intel® Galileo boa...
1:53 PM PDT
Parallel Programming with C#
di adminPubblicato il 09/17/20140
By Bruno Sonnino Multicore processors have been around for many years, and today, they can be found in most devices. However, many developers are doing what they’ve always done: creating single-threaded programs. They’re not taking advantage of all the extra processing power. Imagine you have ma...
12:37 PM PDT
Getting the Most from OpenCL™ 1.2: How to Increase Performance by Minimizing Buffer Copies on Intel® Processor Graphics
di Adam Lake (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/16/20140
Downloads Download Getting the Most from OpenCL™ 1.2: How to Increase Performance by Minimizing Buffer Copies on Intel® Processor Graphics [PDF 673KB] Download OpenCL Zero Copy code sample [ZIP 22.4KB] Introduction This document provides guidance to OpenCL™ developers who want to optimize app...
9:43 AM PDT
Optimizing Simple OpenCL™ Kernels
di Robert Ioffe (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/16/20141
How to optimize and improve OpenCL kernel performance on Intel Iris, Iris Pro and Intel HD graphics.
1:06 AM PDT
Scaling Operations in Intel Media SDK
di Surbhi M. (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/16/20142
This article details all the scaling operations that are present in the Media SDK, which is a component in Intel® Media Server Studio and Intel® INDE. Scaling is one of the most commonly used video processing operation. The application can specify a region of interest for each video using Video P...
11:00 AM PDT
Game Developers Push the Edge with Intel® RealSense™ Technology
di adminPubblicato il 09/15/20140
The ways we interact with games—and how they interact with us—are in a state of constant flux as new technologies enable different experiences. Using the Intel® RealSense™ SDK (beta), developers are just beginning to explore its potential to deliver immersive interactive entertainment experiences...
1:10 PM PDT
General Matrix Multiply Sample
di Vadim Kartoshkin (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/11/20140
General Matrix Multiply (GEMM) sample demonstrates how to efficiently utilize an OpenCL™ device to perform general matrix multiply operation on two dense square matrices. The primary target devices that are suitable for this sample are the devices with cache memory: Intel® Xeon Phi™ and Intel® Ar...
1:08 PM PDT
HDR Rendering with God Rays Using OpenCL™ Technology
di Vadim Kartoshkin (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/11/20140
This sample demonstrates a CPU-optimized implementation of the God Rays effect, showing how to: Implement calculation kernels using the OpenCL™ technology C99 Parallelize the kernels by running several work-groups in parallel Organize data exchange between the host and the OpenCL device
1:07 PM PDT
Median Filter
di Vadim Kartoshkin (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/11/20140
The sample demonstrates how to implement efficient median filter with OpenCL™ standard. This implementation relies on auto-vectorization performed by Intel® SDK for OpenCL Applications compiler.
6:00 AM PDT
OpenCL 2.0 Shared Virtual Memory Code Sample
di Esther Lederer (Intel)Pubblicato il 09/11/20142
Download DocumentDownload Code Sample This sample demonstrates the fundamentals of using Shared Virtual Memory (SVM) capabilities in OpenCL™ applications. The SVM Basic code sample uses the OpenCL 2.0 APIs to query SVM support and manage SVM allocations for the selected OpenCL 2.0 device. The sa...
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