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9:44 AM PST
Designing for User Experience, Power, and Performance on Tablets
di adminPubblicato il 12/02/20110
This document is written from the perspective of an application designer and author. My goal is to provide the application designer and User Interface designer with suggestions and ideas to consider, along with guidelines for ways to deal with these issues. This is not a formal “must do” list of ...
10:45 AM PDT
Power Efficiency: Devices
di Pubblicato il 09/16/20110
Getting Started Power Basics Devices Vertical Applications Developing Power Aware Apps Tools and Code Samples Devices Articles and Resources:Processors and PerformanceAfter the LCD display, the processor is one of the largest consumers of battery life in a notebook PC. A high performance proc...
1:50 PM PDT
Mobile Power Management Tool
di adminPubblicato il 09/08/20110
Question Is there any mobile power management tool available to force the CPU in various power management conditions such as HFM and LFM? Solution If you are a software developer and are comfortable using APIs, Microsoft has some APIs for Windows* that allow some control for this. See: PowerCreat...
3:00 PM PDT
Extending Battery Life For Streaming Media Playback
di Manuj Sabharwal (Intel)Pubblicato il 07/29/20110
This paper reports on the power consumption profile of streaming media streams & their impact on mobile device battery life. Additionally, we provide an analysis of playback behavior to identify issues such as high context switches or interrupt rates.
8:18 AM PDT
Gestione dell'alimentazione - voce file desktop
di meghana-rao (Intel)Pubblicato il 07/18/20110
Introduzione: Il Programma per gli sviluppatori Intel AppUp(SM) consiglia agli sviluppatori di fornire informazioni sulle applicazioni che consentano di gestire in modo efficiente l'alimentazione, tramite la classificazione delle applicazioni come applicazioni in background o in primo piano. Le ...
12:09 PM PDT
Energy Efficiency of Virtual Machines
di Abhishek Agrawal (Intel)Pubblicato il 06/24/20110
Designing low power virtualization solutions has become very important for extending the battery life of mobile systems. This paper reports the power profile of leading desktop virtualization solutions under idle and workload conditions.
12:42 PM PDT
Developing Green Software
di Jeffrey Rott (Intel)Pubblicato il 06/23/20112
Introduction For years mobile platform vendors have sought means to extend the battery life for mobile platforms. Battery technologies have gradually improved, processors have new low-power states, and displays have dramatically improved their power consumption. There is still room for improvemen...
10:56 AM PDT
Creating Energy-Efficient Software (Part 1)
di Rajshree Chabukswar (Intel)Pubblicato il 06/23/20114
  A new updated version of this white paper topic can be found at: /en-us/articles/developing-green-softwareDownload PDF Creating Energy-Efficient Software[PDF 2MB] Abstract This paper examines software methodologies, designs, and software development tools that can be used to improve the energy ...
10:52 AM PDT
Power Efficiency: Power Basics
di Pubblicato il 06/23/20110
Getting Started Power Basics Devices Vertical Applications Developing Power Aware Apps Tools and Code Samples Power Basics Power is an overloaded word in English. It's used as a measurement of how strong something is, how bright or hot something gets, how much you can tow, and for many other ...
2:56 PM PDT
Power Efficiency: Developing Power Aware Apps
di Pubblicato il 05/11/20110
Getting Started Power Basics Devices Vertical Applications Developing Power Aware Apps Tools and Code Samples Developing Power Aware Apps For some time, the industry has been aware of the need for software to be able to be aware of and to tune its usage of power. This has resulted in the deve...
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