Call graph and Time Based Sampling problems on Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2

Time Based Sampling gives an error: "Failed to create sampling database. Probably .tb5 files are corrupted or don't exist." Call graph also produces an error: “ Error in Module.. Copying Module failed”

Microsoft Windows* Server 2008 R2 and VTune™ analyzer for Windows Update 7

Root Cause:
Microsoft Windows* Server 2008 R2 is Windows* 7-based. This update (Update 7) of VTune™ analyzer supports Windows 7* OS with event based sampling. It has no support for Time Based Sampling or call graph.

For Time Based Sampling or call graph capabilities on Windows 7*, you can use Intel® Parallel Amplifier's "hotspot analysis" (statistical call tree). Parallel Amplifier can be downloaded from the Intel website (/en-us/intel-parallel-amplifier/ ) and will recognize a current, valid VTune analyzer license. We do plan to move the “hotspot” analysis into a future version of VTune analyzer, until then, please use Parallel Amplifier. If you need to use the existing call graph capability in VTune analyzer, please use it on Windows XP* or Vista*. For Time Based Sampling, you can use Event Based Sampling and select Clockticks.
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