Cordova API Support

The Intel® XDK is a tool to help build HTML5 apps and deploy them across a variety of platforms. Two of those platforms are the Apple* Appstore and Google* Play. The XDK includes an online build service called the App Dev Center that allows HTML5 developers to create hybrid native apps. The App Dev Center takes the HTML5 code written for the app and wraps it in native code and returns the appropriate binary. One feature of the App Dev Center is the ability to add a "bridge" JavaScript* API to access the native features of these devices.

With a few exceptions, the App Dev Center within the Intel® XDK now supports the Cordova JavaScript API. Create a hybrid HTML5 app using the sample code included as an attachment with this article by following these directions.

  • Create a developer account and install the Intel® XDK here.
  • Log into the App Dev Center here.
  • Click on the button labeled Start a New App.

  • Name your new project, and select the development path Create your own from scratch. Click Next.

  • Select Start with a project bundle. Browse to the attachment included with this article, and click Next.

  • Click Next again to complete the process.

  • The test application should be available for build for iOS and Android.

Please note that the Intel XDK Application Simulator does not emulate any Cordova JavaScript API commands.  For the time being, please refer to the Ripple Emulator for more information on emulating Cordova-based hybrid apps.  

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Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle ottimizzazioni basate su compilatore, vedere il nostro Avviso sull'ottimizzazione.