How do I download my software product files?

To download your Intel software product files, follow the steps below:

1. Login to Intel's Registration Center at

2. From the list of your products displayed, go to the entry for the desired product and click on the version number in the "Downloads" column.  

3. Use the dropdown lists to select the Version and Minor update version you want to download, remembering that the highest numbered Version and the highest numbered minor update for that Version is the most recent release.

Please note that you must have an active product license to download and install the newest versions of the associated product.  For licenses that have expired Support, you may only download and install older product versions that have a Build Date on or before the Support Expiration date for your product license.  As soon as you register a renewal license to extend your product license so it has a Support Expiration date in the future, you will again be able to download and install all newer versions of the product.

4. After reviewing the description of the files available for the package, click on the hyperlink for each file you wish to download.

5.  You can usually reduce the amount of time for downloading software product files by selecting the option for using a Download Manager.   Please ensure you have enough disk space on your system for the product files, and write permission to the directory where the product files will be saved.

If you encounter any problems with downloading your product files, please contact Technical Support

Per informazioni complete sulle ottimizzazioni del compilatore, consultare l'Avviso sull'ottimizzazione