Intel Academic Community Bulletin - April 2009

Subject: Intel® Academic Community News- April 15th 2009


Hello, I am Paul Steinberg, the new Intel Academic Community Manager. I have an unending admiration for those in the teaching profession - you work in every part of the world, with diverse students, in dissimilar institutions, yet you all are united in one task - helping students comprehend what Edward Dijkstra termed a "radical novelty." You, as educators help students to break down old modes of thought and cast foreign concepts into the familiar. Beyond that, your guidance helps students develop a basic set of life skills -- to make them successful and, hopefully, happy, in their chosen professions.

Comprehending Parallelism is something of a radical novelty for all of us. We have a growing body of great course modules on this subject, both created by Intel as well as contributions from faculty members around the world. My role as Community Manager will be to foster the discussion on how best to bring parallelism into the classroom. I sincerely wish I could meet each of you in person, however, as that is not possible, I'm hoping you'll accept my invitation to take advantage of the Academic Community-- blogs, forums and good old e-mail-- to extend this conversation over the network.  We have some new ideas on how to enable conversation - see below for our new Teach Parallel! series.  Of course you can always contact me directly -  I look forward to working with you all.

In this Bulletin:

  • NEW- Blog Talk Radio: Teach Parallel!
  • SIGCSE 2009
  • Contests
  • Upcoming Events

NEW! Teach Parallel Blogtalk Radio Debut April 21.

Join the Teach Parallel! online discussion series on BlogTalk Radio.  Professor Tom Murphy of Contra Costa College and I will host Dr. Dan Garcia of the University of California Berkeley.  He will discuss how he integrated parallelism throughout the curriculum. Attend online or catch-up with the podcast after the event.

Report from SIGCSE Symposium 2009

Dr. Michael Wrinn, Manager of Intel Innovative Software, describes the changes he saw this year at SIGCSE: In 2008, you'd meet surprise, complacency and skepticism. In 2009, I heard none of this . . . [faculty asked] what's the recommended model? Do we introduce this early or late? Where are the textbooks? And (spoken softly, when no one was looking), How do I learn this myself?  Read the rest of Michael's Blog from SIGCSE.


Dr. Wrinn spoke on the Panel Session - Preparing Students for Ubiquitous Parallelism


Watch highlights of Intel's SIGCSE presence on the Take5 Academic Videos page.



The site launched two world-wide contests last month--a great challenge and some neat prizes.  These are excellent ways to test your skills.  Encourage your students to join and get some real world experience.   

Threading Challenge 2009

Level Up 2009, the Intel Visual Adrenaline Game Demo Challenge


Upcoming Events


International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE) May 19

May 19, Intel's own Dr. Michael Wrinn will lead a tutorial on multicore Software engineering with Professors Walter Tichy and Victor Pankratius - T22 Multicore Software Engineering.


International Workshop on Multicore Software Engineering (IWMSE09) May 18

A full day workshop devoted to Multicore Software Engineering

Multicore Programming, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, April 28-30

To register, please contact Stephanie Brumat, Please note enrollment is limited and preference is given to thus faculty members and teaching assistants involved in new or existing classes.

Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle ottimizzazioni basate su compilatore, vedere il nostro Avviso sull'ottimizzazione.