Intel® GPA Help Videos

Intel® GPA video tutorials can help you get started with the tool and learn about Intel® GPA features you can use to profile your graphics applications.
Android* Workloads

Video Video Description Audience Duration (mm:ss)
Graphics Performance Analysis Using Intel® GPA for Android* Shows how to use Intel GPA System Analyzer and Intel GPA Frame Analyzer to optimize OpenGL* ES 1.x and 2.x workloads. Novice 15:01

Windows* OS Workloads
The table below lists Intel® GPA show-me demos (without audio) that focus on analyzing Windows* OS workloads.
NOTE: These demos were created with a previous version of the tool. The current Intel® GPA graphical user interface may differ slightly. See Intel® GPA Online Help to get the most recent information on concepts, procedures, and user interface.

If you have any questions, issues or feedback, visit the Intel® GPA Support Forum.
Video Video Description Audience Duration (mm:ss)
Intel® GPA Monitor:How to launch your game with Intel® GPA Shows how to use the Intel® GPA tool to launch your graphics application. Novice 01:16
Intel® GPA Monitor: How to make Intel® GPA automatically detect launched D3D applications Shows how to make Intel® Graphics Performance Analyzers automatically detect launched D3D applications. Novice 01:06
Intel® GPA System Analyzer: How to get started with the tool Shows how to get started with the tool and benefit from it. Novice 03:30
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: Getting to know key Frame Analyzer concepts Shows the set of Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer panels that help you navigate the data and control the various experiments and view the results of these experiments. Novice 04:02
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: Comparing the Relationship Between Metrics Shows how to compare the relations between metrics with the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer. Novice 01:16
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: Discovering the Most Expensive Ergs within the Captured Scene Shows how to use the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer to find the most expensive ergs. Novice 01:32
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: Modifying DirectX* State Shows how to use the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer to change some of the DirectX* states in order to fix the scene and immediately see how the modified state affects it. Moderate 02:17
Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer: How to modify shaders in order to improve performance Shows how to use the Intel® GPA Frame Analyzer to create or modify shaders to see whether changes result in reduced rendering time with an acceptable level of overall scene quality. Moderate 02:34


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