Intel® IPP UIC Sample Application – Picnic

Intel® IPP Unified Image Codecs (UIC) is a set of C++ interfaces that simplify the use of various image codecs. Picnic is a sample application demonstrates how to use UIC interface in image processing application.

‘Picnic' is a GUI application which demonstrates implementation of computer vision algorithms with functions provided by Intel® Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel ® IPP) and basic content based image retrieval (CBIR) functionality based on MPEG7 image feature descriptors. 



The set of functions used in the this sample includes functions for JPEG/JPEG2000/RLE/DDS/PNG/PNM/ BMP encoding/decoding, DICOM decoding, image filtering and computer vision algorithms like face detection, inpainting and image segmentation.

‘Picnic' application works on Windows*, Linux and Mac OS, to get more information about system requirements, refer to readme file in the sample code folder.

To know more about important features in ‘Picnic' application, refer to below ‘Knowledge Base Articles',

• UIC functionalities for different  type of image encoding/decoding

• Image Inpainting - /en-us/articles/unified-image-codec-sample-image-inpainting

• Segmentation

• Face Detection

To download IPP sample code - /en-us/intel-ipp and click "Free Code Samples"

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