Transfer a "named-user license" (single user license) to another user or email address

A license owner can transfer a named-user license (single user license) to a different person with the same email domain via the Manage tool in the Intel® Registration Center. The steps to transfer a license are described below.

Related topics:
- If the owner of a license is no longer at the company or if the domain name has to change, please submit a request to Intel® Software Development Products Download, Registration & Licensing Forum or get secure web-based support (registration is required).
- Please refer also to the How do I add an administrator to manage my serial number article if you want to add a person to help manage your serial number(s).

Steps to transfer a named-user license to a different person with the same email domain:

  • Login to the Intel® Registration Center. You will see the list of your active registrations.
    (To see also expired registrations, click on the 'Show Expired Registrations' checkbox.)
    Under the Product Subscription Information column, click on the product you want to transfer a license from, for example:


  • The Subscription History of your product will appear.
  • Under the Licenses column, click the 'Manage' link of the serial number you want to transfer.


  • Under the Serial Number User Management section at the bottom of the page click on 'Transfer' and specify the email address of the user who shall become the new license owner.

    A new dialog to enter the email address of the new owner will appear.


  • If the new license owner is already a registered user, the license will be directly transferred to him/her after a click on Transfer.
  • If the new license owner is not yet registered, another dialog will appear to enter the name and country. An Intel® Registration Center account will be created automatically and login data will be sent to this email address upon a click on Submit.
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