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Intel® Trace Collector is a tool for tracing MPI applications. It intercepts all MPI calls and generates tracefiles that can be analyzed with Intel® Trace Analyzer for understanding the application behavior. Intel® Trace Collector can also trace non-MPI applications, like socket communication in distributed applications or serial programs. The tool was formerly known as Vampirtrace* (VT), which is why the VT abbreviation is present in the names of some of components and variables.


User Guide

This section describes the Intel® Trace Collector functionality and provides instructions on how to use its features. See the brief overview of each sub-section in the table below.


Configuring Intel® Trace Collector

Before you start using Intel® Trace Collector, you may want to customize various aspects of its operation and define filters for data tracing. It is achieved through setting up the appropriate configuration options.

You can set up these options in three ways:

  • In a configuration file.

  • In the corresponding environment variables.

  • In the command line when running your application.

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