SC10 - Parallel Programming Community Activities

Parallel Programming Community Manager Kathy Farrel and Master of the Parallel Universe Clay Breshears attended Supercomputing (SC) 10 in November, 2010. This page contains links to videos filmed there. These links appeared previously on the PP Community.
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  • Personal Review of Intel Under-NDA Sandy-Bridge Event

    Hi All,

    Early this month Intel held an event about the Sandy Bridge architecture and other near future developments. Attendees signed an NDA before entering the event and the material presented was really interesting to hear. The room was packed to no room with what looked to me like over 500 people sitting and listening.

    $60 000 на троих, или как самарцы в Intel AppUp developer challenge побеждали

    Половину минувшего дня провел в размышлениях на тему – как сложилась бы моя жизнь, если б еще лет десять назад я достиг в любимом деле такого мастерства, что на международном конкурсе мне дали бы премию в размере $20 000? Знаете, хорошо бы сложилась! Правильно! Просто потому, что очень хорошо в начале карьеры получить столь важный сигнал: «Верной дорогой идешь, парень, так держать!».

    AppUp developer meetup @ GDC

    AppUp GDC Meetup

    Rhonda & I will be hosting a meetup at GDC at the Bin 55 lounge in the Marriott Marquis.  We'd like any developers who will be attending GDC to come by and meet us and other AppUp developers.  Drop us a note if you're attending.  This will be a good opportunity to chat, share stories and have some down time before the Application Lab starts at noon.


    Date: March 3rd - 10am to 11:30am

    Per Demand a 3rd MeeGo Application Lab added for MWC

    Note this event is closed, we have exceeded capacity for the location.  Go to our events page to look for more application labs in your geography.  We will have many global events with many more in EU this year.

    Our originally planned 2 Intel AppUp Application Lab: Meego Series got fully booked in a short period of time. But the tremendous interest in MeeGo and the Intel AppUp(SM) program encouraged us to set up third one in the evening of the 16th at the Activa. So please visit our registration page where you can sign up for the event.

    Intel Academic Community at Supercomputing 08

    The Intel Academic Community is sponsoring live and online events at Supercomputing 08 in Austin Texas, starting Nov. 17. Joins us at the show or on the Net for discussions on parallelism in the classroom and in the enterprise
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  • Join us at our Arizona Application Lab to learn about app development on MeeGo

    Phoenix and Chandler area developers - make sure to join us this Thursday night (February 3) at 5:30PM for a free training event in your area! MeeGo provides the ability for developers to rapidly create a variety of experiences across many computing device types—which presents a great opportunity for developers to make money with their applications.

    Ouverture du laboratoire Exascale à Versailles

    La communauté européenne HPC s'est réunie le 25 octobre à Versailles pour le séminaire Exascale : “Exascale the next technological frontier” et pour participer au lancement officiel de l'Exascale Computing Research Center. Ce laboratoire a été créé grâce aux efforts communs du CEA , du GENCI, d'Intel et de l'UVSQ.

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