windows8 平板电脑试用

日前微软的windows8发布了,市场上到处可以看到方块的广告,Win8最令人期待的是在平板电脑上的表现。近日有机会拿到一台三星出的win8平板电脑ATIV smart PC,让我们一起体验一下。
三星平板外包装朴实不华,标签上可以看出机器配置,CPU采用英特尔最新的Atom处理器Z2760,2GB 内存,64GB的在板固态盘。

Создаем лучшее будущее для малого бизнеса

Команда Intel® Developer Zone помогает создавать оптимальные программные решения различного масштаба: от мобильных до серверных приложений.

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  • Saiba mais sobre a tecnologia Intel® vPro™

    Com a tecnologia Intel vPro, recursos de gerenciamento remoto de computadores que há alguns anos eram vistos apenas em filmes de ficção científica estão disponíveis em computadores corporativos. É bem provável que se você olhar ao seu redor na sua empresa, agora mesmo, vai ver alguns computadores equipados com a tecnologia Intel vPro.

    Harnessing the Ultrabook™ Experience to Sell More Applications

    The opportunity for software makers is huge, since like any computing device, the full value of Ultrabook™ devices can only be realized through software innovation. The market segments for applications that will drive new user experiences are expected to grow dramatically. Intel is helping drive the opportunity for software makers, enabling them to take advantage of the Ultrabook category’s momentum to sell more applications.
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  • От последовательного кода к параллельному за пять шагов c Intel® Advisor XE

    Если вы давно разрабатываете многопоточные приложения, наверняка вы сталкивались с распараллеливанием уже существующего последовательного кода. Или наоборот, вы новичок в параллельном программировании, а перед вами встали задачи оптимизации проекта и улучшения масштабируемости, которые тоже могут быть решены путём распараллеливания отдельных участков программы. 

    Новый инструмент Intel® Advisor XE поможет вам распараллелить приложение, потратив на это минимум сил и времени.

    Three NFC news items caught my attention - Periodicals by Sunil (#1)

    Greetings everyone,

    Through a series of blogs and dialogues here, my goal is to weave a community of bright developers who are willing to collaborate cross domains to deliver end-to-end Near Field Communication (NFC) usages.

    Three NFC news items recently caught my attention, and I’ll like to hear your perspective on each.

    A)      Lastest iPhone didn’t launch with NFC as a feature

    B)      NFC Forum reorganized its Eco-System committee into several vertical SIGs

    Congrats Microsoft on Windows 8!

    Here we are on the eve of Windows 8 and I want to reach out to my former friends & co-workers still there to wish them all a huge Congratulations!  

    Getting an OS out the door is a monumental task (Akin to eating a Kraken!) and something that I don't believe most people can fully appreciate unless they saw and experienced it first hand.  So in all seriousness my hats off to everyone over there right now.  Bottoms up!  You all deserve to blow off some steam!  : )

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