PC Gaming is Big and Getting Bigger: Good Time to Be a Developer

A new report released this week from not-for-profit gaming industry watchdog PC Gaming Alliance announced that PC game sales are, to put it mildly, going through the roof. Over $20 billion in sales were made in 2012 for PC games alone, with no signs of slowing down even though mobile and social gaming are the most popular that they have ever been. Annual growth of the PC game market according to the report was 8%, with more than a billion PC gamers estimated around the world:

Developers and Facebook: New Emphasis on Games and Discovery

This week at GDC, there was some good news from the Facebook games and product teams for developers who integrate Facebook into their apps, including a renewed focus on games, a Developer Center targeted at game developers, and user stats. A few of the more interesting stats announced include:

One Code Base to Rule Them All: Intel’s HTML5 Development Environment

If you’re a developer searching for a great tool to add to your repertoire, you’ll want to check out Intel's HTML5 Development Environment, an HTML5-based development platform that enables developers to create one code base and port it to multiple platforms. Intel recently purchased the developer tools and build system from appMobi:

Intel® Cluster Ready Partner Newsletter Q1 2013 - News

Intel® Cluster Checker: The next Generation

The Intel® Cluster Ready team was proud to present a new generation of Intel® Cluster Checker during SC’12. The Intel Cluster Ready team took the feedback from our partners and focused development for the Intel Cluster Checker family on scalability and becoming more user-friendly than ever.

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