VTune™ Amplifier XE Fails When Used With MPIRUN

Several users have noticed that when attempting to collect data using mpirun, an error is reported, while mpiexec or mpiexec.hydra work fine.

The problem relates to parsing of the command-line options.  mpirun has a '-r' option, as does amplxe-cl.  Therefore, if you use the short form and specify '-r' for Amplifier XE's results directory, mpirun interprets that option as its own and attempts to change the shell connectivity (ssh vs. rsh) unsuccessfully.

The solution is simple: you need to use the long form of the Amplifier XE command line option: -result-dir.  Therefore, an example command line might look like:

$ mpirun -n 4 amplxe-cl -result-dir my_result -collect hotspots -- my_app [my_app_ options]

Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle ottimizzazioni basate su compilatore, vedere il nostro Avviso sull'ottimizzazione.