Laptop Gaming Technical Development Kit

Forthe past few weeks I have been working with the team on getting the word out about Intel's new Laptop Gaming Technical Development Kit (TDK). The new TDK provides royalty free, easy to integrate code for the game software developers. I have seen some great demos of the tool in action and we posted a video of Half Life 2 on the web site for you to check out. Paul did a great job highlighting some of the great features such as batter status indicator and network connection status in the video. Check it out and let us know what you think. But the TDK is so much more that power and networks. It also shows display and network connectivity. I think that as laptops continue to surpass desktops as the platform of choice we are going to see a lot more direct integration between the game and the system status. During some recent public events I've talked to people about other hardware specific information that could be provided to the software like temperature, location, shock impact, motion (video) and biometrics (fear in the eyes of the user). These are what-if or experimental ideas at this point but could lead to some great gaming experience. Can you image a heart and blood pressure monitor on a video game? That is hard core gaming!

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