The MacBook Pro is Dead; Long Live the MacBook Pro!

My new MacBook Pro recently developed a terrible tic. Actually it would be best described as a terrible ticking. I also noticed the MacBook Pro was get very hot, VERY HOT. (more than usual) I realized that there was a faint clicking sound coming from inside the notebook. Using advance deduction methodologies, I figure that my fan was failing.

As the problem got worse it was nearly impossible to keep the system running for more than 15min, and I had several GB of data that I needed to copy off to another system.

I obviously needed to get some airflow through the system using an external fan. Looking around my home office I came up with very effective and elegant solution.


By attaching the vacuum cleaner to the back of the MacBook I was able to keep the temperature down and copy my data to a file share. Although, it's probably not feasible to take my vacuum cleaner with me to the office or on business trips, I am considering purchasing a DustBuster or one of those keyboard vacuums.

I got a replacement MacBook, reinstalled BootCamp Beta 1.1.1, WinXp, etc. and things have be running smoothly so far. BTW, the melting point of aluminum is 933 K.

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