Creating Web 2.0 Applications/Services, it's easy see

Welcome back, sorry been away from the blog, my New Year's resolution is to post a weekly update on the Web 2.0 Trends at Intel here on ISN.

Trend - Online development of Mashups and Services are more and more becoming a point and click to develop the Service, easier to get to market with you ideas. No longer does a developer need to read/write all kinds of computer languages, anyone can come up with a idea and using these new online web creating sites can simply build there idea and it gives you options to keep your site private or share with your community. is one of the best that I have reviewed that does this.

I left off with saying I would review about 2 months ago, and I completed this task. is a Online Web Service that helps you create a Mashup Web 2.0 application. You don't need to read any code, or need to be a programmer, it is very simple to build your own site or copy someone elses Mashup. I did one in less then 10 minutes, and it worked, Ning hosts the site, there are some premium services you can pay Ning for but pretty much it is very simple to create Web 2.0 Mashups in a few minutes. I'm talking about Mashups with photo's, Map's and all include social networking features.

If you just want to use Ning to create your mashup and take the code with you to form a large company, that is doable as well. Or if you are a Teacher and want to create a nice class lesson on what and how to develop a Mashup, this site I recommend.

I saw demo'd at Web 2.0 last year, they built some nice Mashups in less time it took me. Great community online site as well, to help you with making your Mashup even more impressive.

See ya next week, weather in Seattle is getting better, the wind storm (Storm Wendy) was tough, knocked out our power for 2 days, driving home from Portland that night I hit a deer on I-5 and avoided hitting a few traffic barrels rolling around the highway, State Patrol said I was very lucky the deer didn't come through the windshield.

Happy New Year,


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