Back from Mashup Camp Boston and the Web 2.0 TDK

I'm back in Oregon from spending a week is Boston at Mashup Camp and Mashup University. Both events had a common theme but it was Mashup Camp that was the real focus for me during the week. Mashup University is more corporate focused and consists of two days of mostly non-stop presentation by the big internet companies such as AOL, Adobe, Yahoo and others. It was interesting if you are new to mashups but if you live on the internet much of it was older news.

Mashup Camp started on Wednesday with a gathering of all campers to discuss the conference format and community principals. Then everyone was invited to propose a session to discuss technology, their mashup or what ever. Each session was posted on the board and the most interesting sessions were attended by the campers. If no one showed up to your session then you were free to attend a different session. Everything was very fluid.

The first day of camp I presented a session on Mobile software development and Intel's mobile platforms. We had a Samsung Q1 and an ARUS R2H to give people a sense of the product features and discuss use cases. We also reviewed the Mobile Software Developer Community and discussed the tools, information and support you can find there.

On Thursday VC presented a session to launch the Web 2.0 Technology Development Kit. It was much better attend than my session. I'm in the process of editing down the video I shot of him taking. The discussion was very good. CV explained the rationale and opportunity for Web 2.0 applications that are able to determine context and platform characteristics. For example if you were to watch a video the player/downloader application could optimize play back based on network connection and processor speed. If you have a fast processor and a slow connection you could automatically receive super compressed feed. The Web 2.0 TDK is available for down load on the Mobile Community. We look forward to people checking it out and letting us know what they love about it and want we MUST do next to make it better.

In addition to all the great sessions it was great to see all the amazing mashups presented during the Speed Geeking challenge. It was a thrill to be able to award a brand new Core 2 Duo laptop to Anthony Volodkin for The Hype Machine which combines music blog discussion, tracks, youtube video, concert and sales data to create a unique music discovery experience. See photo below.

I was also a big fan of Virgil Zetterlind's Google Earth NOAA Mashup.

Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle ottimizzazioni basate su compilatore, vedere il nostro Avviso sull'ottimizzazione.