There is a hack! (for Second Life and the Intel 965 Chipset)

There are hacks for everything, right? Well I have this brand new HP 6910p with the Intel 965 Express chipset running Vista and I could not get onto Second Life. Everytime I tried to connect, it would ask me if I wanted music and then it would crash. Well I thought, maybe my HP doesn't like music. Anyway there is another Blog that I have been following and it appeared that all of us with this chipset would be terminally barred from Second Life (it's a blog with lots of comments!)

I checked this blog last night and now it appears they know it is a problem in Open_GL and there is a setting you can add to your "settings.xml" file that seems to work (I just tried it and I'm "in World" now.) There is also a Second life Forum Thread pertaining to this fix too - click HERE to read through it.

Here is the "hack":

Find the "user_settings" folder under your Second Life folder that is under AppData or Applications Data. (It may be different whether you have XP or Vista. Also on one of my systems this file is under .../Roaming/Second Life/user_settings/ ) Note also you will have a folder with your Avatar's name. Don't change the settings.xml file in that folder - change the one in the user_settings folder.

    • Find this folder on your system: \Users\myname\AppData\Roaming\SecondLife\user_settings\settings.xml. You will have to manually add the command to disable Object Occlusion to this file. The lines to add are:

        • <!--Enable object culling based on occlusion (coverage) by other objects-->

        • <UseOcclusion value="FALSE"/>

    • Save the setting.xml file and then try to connect to Second Life.

If you can't find this file, it may be hidden so go into your Folder Options and "Show hidden files."

Here are some other useful links as well: Second Life Wiki and Reducing Lag with Client Settings.

For more information on this hack - see the forum posting and blog that are included in this posting.

-- Atalanta Intel (in World)

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