Intel BX Hits the Road

Intel Business Exchange recently participated in the Tech Showcase at the Intel Premier IT Professional (IPIP) event in Columbus, OH.  This event is one in a series of seminars focused on client and data center virtualization and security. We were there to continue to spread the word about our program and to have the chance to talk with IT folks about their curent business priorities. From my perspective the event was definitely worth the trip (for me and the IT attendees). First, there were about 200 attendees, small enough so everyone could get their questions answered, but large enough so that everyone had a chance to network with other IT professionals from their local area. Second, I had the opportunity to talk with a variety of people -- IT consultants, network administrators, tech specialists, etc. -- and the people I spoke to have some really positive feedback in terms of the possibilities for Intel BX, the usability of the website and Intel's venture into this space. Third, I thought the presentations were engaging, but also contained enough relevant details. For my personal learning from the seminar, I was particularly struck by not just the attendees' interest in virtualization, but by how many of them are already using virtualization in some form (I'd say more than 50% of the audience). Most of the day's talks were focused on virtualization, with the primary focus being on the advantages of client-side implementation. I'm curious as more companies begin to implement client-side virtualization what results are they seeing? Is the amount of IT support required dwindling (along with costs)? And for non-IT users of these newly virtualized environments what changes are you seeing to your end-user experience? There are two more events scheduled for later this month in [] Austin and [] Denver. We hope you'll be able to join us and if you do be sure to stop by and say hi to the Intel BX team.

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