You work for Intel, what computer should I buy? Part 3

You work for Intel, what computer should I buy? Part 3

I've blogged about home systems, and file servers. What about students, mobile workers or extending your social network via your mobile system? What kind of computer do you want to carry around with you?

If you're a student and carrying around a book-bag, a netbook makes a great tool. It's so portable, so easy to use and supports all of your familiar Window software. You can browse school and teacher sites to make sure you're current all the while keeping your IM networks up to date. You can also run all the important software you might need to polish up your documents before turning them in. When creating content, I prefer a full size laptop, it has the power you need and yet takes up little room in the dorm, lab or office.

If you're on the go and want the ultimate in portability, a MID makes a great addition. With your mid you can stay connected to your social networks, browse the web, update your twitter pals, browse movie trailers, watch uTube videos and even use web pages that require Flash™. GPS enabled MIDs are great for sharing location information and mapping applications. With a MID you get in a very small form factor a great way to have access to the full internet and yet remain completely portable. My unit fits in my slack pants pocket.

I've been using a MID with a 3G interface which really opens up the doors to a mobile world.

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