Visualize this! Randy Trulson talks about Neuron games, Super Cortex engine and Diving Orb

Welcome to another episode of Visualize this! the show where we talk about game development.

My guest is Randell Trulson is founder and CEO of Neuron Games, Inc. He has worked as a developer for many years on everything from SCSI to GPS weapons systems before venturing into the field of game development

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Show News :
--New post by Robert Chesebrough The blog talks about the role of OpenMP to a for developing parallel games
--The game code demos on the VC community are popular, so I have started consolidating all assets for the demos. You can check out
--Smoke - The goal of this demo is to show that by utilizing all cores on a Nehalem a developer can boost their game's performance.
Horsepower -- Horsepower is a tech demo based on Smoke. Horsepower showcases perceivable difference based on the number of available cores. The demo shows a bunch of horses using Havok physics, AI, and threaded animation to move and herd in a natural formation at 30 frames-per-second (fps). With more compute power (with more cores) the number of horse that can be supported at 30 fps increases significantly
--Destroy the castle - This demo shows a highly interactive scene while showcasing methods for threading physics, AI, and particles.

Questions :
1. Tell us about yourself and Neuron games.
2. What are the game development challenges you were trying to solve with the Super Cortex engine?
3. How does Super Cortex help game developers?
4. What are the key features of the engine?
5. Speaking of threading, how does Super Cortex engine take advantage of the compute power?
6. Why it is important to scale the engine for all types of game developers and platforms?
7. Tell us about Divining Orb?

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