Got AES Performance?

Is your AES implementation a bit sluggish?  Do you want to improve your cycle/byte and key generation efficiency?   If so, then you definitely want to check out the Intel® AES-NI Sample Library.  The “sample library” is more than just a library; it provides full source code along with a couple of examples.  The library consists mostly of hand-optimized assembly code routines that utilize Intel’s AES New Instructions which are included with Intel’s latest 32nm processors.  As you would expect, the library supports the standard AES encryption and decryption functionality as well as AES-CBC and AES-CTR modes using 128, 192, or 256-bit key lengths.  The sources can be compiled on both Windows® and Linux.  As for the examples, one example demonstrates how to integrate the library into an application while the other compares the performance of Dr. Brian Gladman’s high performance AES implementation with that of the library.  You will definitely notice a significant increase in both performance and efficiency.  So, if you think your AES routines could use a performance bump without the need for a dedicated crypto accelerator, be sure to check out the Intel® AES-NI Sample Library.
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