The magic of the AGK cross platform game kit

Multiple platforms are an opportunity for developers to get their applications out to many users and many devices.  But on the flip side there is a challenge for developers.  How to you port your code to all these different platforms, form factors and app stores.  Smartphones were supposed to solve fragmentation in the mobile marketplace, but in some ways they’ve perpetuated a number of new closed systems that developers have to navigate

Well, according to TGC, they have a solution with by the name of AGK or App Game Kit.  This dev kit promises to do something absolutely absurd.  It will apparently allow game developers to write an app once, then have it "magically" work everywhere, i.e. Windows/AppUp, iOS, or Bada platforms with the promise to soon enable functionality for Android, MeeGo & more.  That means each device will automatically work with the app.  Mouse inputs, touch inputs, screen orientations, etc.

I say this is absurd because it is akin to saying we have an energy problem so let’s fix it harnessing the powers of stars via cold fusion. That would be awesome but the fact is our science and technology just isn't there yet.  Well apparently TGC feels the their science and technology is good enough deliver a seemless cross platform game development solution.   In the following video Lee Bamber from The Game Creators shows a game that is written once then pushed out to an iPhone, iPad, Samsung Bada, netbook and desktop PC.  All of these devices have different resolutions and different input devices.  According to Lee, AGK will allow a developer to code a game one way and then AGK will interpret the code for various device APIs.  It will then compile apps for each device and test the app by pushing it wirelessly to each of piece of hardware.

AGK is not available yet, but you can see from this video it looks like they are getting close to delivering on a viable solution. And since the science of cold fusion is far out from our reach, I can only guess wizards, fairies, elves and other magical creatures are working at TGC.  For more information visit the The Game Creators website at 


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