New Tizen™ platform from Linux Foundation & LiMo with support from Intel AppUp

We are excited about the Linux Foundation & LiMo announcement of the Tizen™ platform, and the role AppUp will be playing. Tizen combines the best of LiMo & MeeGo to create an open source cross device platform with support from Intel AppUp developer program, and a development framework based on HTML5 & WAC standards.

For those speculating on rumors per Intel & Samsung, I trust this news is more encouraging than what was bounced around in the blogosphere. This is not a two company story. With the Tizen platform, the Linux Foundation and LiMo unite, driving more choice and open innovation.

And yes, MeeGo continues for our devices in market. MeeGo is a great choice for emerging markets and we've seen amazing devices already like the ASUS EeePC x101. AppUp continues to support MeeGo and we encourage MeeGo developers to continue to build and submit apps for our netbook devices in market. We also encourage MeeGo developers to consider a common development framework of HTML5 to bridge development between MeeGo and Tizen devices. And on the netbook side the MeeGo neetbook apps in the Intel AppUp center will be compatible and will run unchanged with Tizen netbook. So for those developers who invested in MeeGo for netbooks your apps will continue on Tizen netbooks.

With Tizen we move forward to deliver on what was started with both MeeGo and LiMo as a complete, cross-device open source software platform solutions for smartphones, tablets, netbooks, automotive and TV. The Intel AppUp center will be expanded to support Tizen with Intel AppUp as a store front for multiple Tizen device implementations. Tizen delivers comprehensive HTML5 and WAC API implementations that lets developers maximize code re-use across multiple OS, app stores and devices while taking advantage of native Intel platform capabilities. This solidifies a common stack leveraging forward leaning development standards for all Tizen™ devices spanning the compute continuum. And with the Tizen™ platform we unite a broad ecosystem in an open source mobile operating system solution with a truly open project & governance structure.

As for application development for Tizen, the Intel AppUp developer program is a key destination for developers with the developer enabling programs you know from us, including; application labs, accelerator funding the Intel AppUp developer program: Accelerator has closed, developer challenges, and community engagement, to help drive development and app innovation for the Tizen™ platform. Intel’s strategy has always been to provide choice when it comes to operating systems. To this end, we work closely with partners such as Microsoft and Google on Windows and Android respectively. Tizen is just one more example of Intel’s contribution to open source, in an effort to help satisfy customer demands.

We encourage all of our developers to get more information at, and to tune in here regularly for app developer updates, developer guides, and access to the latest tools for developing Tizen™ applications


"Tizen™ is a trademark of the Linux Foundation"

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