Nuovo Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha!




Intel AppUpTM Encapsulator 2.0 Alpha

Il team di Intel AppUpTM ha da poco rilasciato la versione 2.0 alpha di Encapsulator, il tool che permette di realizzare applicazioni desktop direttamente dalle proprie web application, con supporto potenziato per HTML5 e CSS3. Attualmente sia la versione 1.0 e 2.0 alpha di Intel AppUpTM encapsulator rimangono disponibili all'utilizzo.

Punteggio di Compatibilità HTML5

La versione 2.0 alpha di Intel AppUpTM encapsulator usa ora Chrome 17 al suo interno, e il punteggio ricevuto da risulta essere ora potenziato: 377 punti ottenuti su un totale di 500 punti possibili. Questo posiziona Intel AppUpTM encapsulator al pari degli altri browser principali come una solida piattaforma per gli sviluppatori che desiderano sviluppare web applications.

Feature Support e Limitazioni

Highlighted Features Supports Limitations
Canvas HTML5 Elements and 2D Context The perform is low when rendering 3D content generated by Javascript
Video HTML5 Elements Formats of: OGG, WebM Subtitles, MPEG-4 and H.264
Audio HTML5 Elements, PCM, OGG Vorbis, WebM MP3, AAC
Elements Most HTML5 elements time, command, mathml, menu, track
Forms Most HTML5 form elements datetime/date/month/week/time/datetime-local, Mimimal, color, image: width/height, fieldset: elements/disabled attribute, datalist, others: dirname attribute, autocomplete, placeholder
User Interaction Drag and Drop, HTML content editable drag and drop: dropzone attribute
History and Navigation Not Supported
Microdata Not Supported
Web applications Application Cache, Custom scheme handlers Custom content handlers, Custom search providers
Security Seamless iframe
Geolocation Not Supported
Storage Session Storage, Local Storage, IndexDB Websql database
Communication Cross-document messaging, Server-Sent Events XMLHttpRequest Level2: Document response type and Array buffer response type, Web Socket
Files Files API
Workers Web Worker Shared Workers
Local multimedia Webcam access
Notification Not Supported
Others Web Audio API, Audio Data API, killing scripts

triggers standards mode Yes ✔ HTML5 tokenizer Yes ✔ HTML5 tree building Yes ✔ HTML5 defines rules for embedding SVG and MathML inside a regular HTML document. Support for SVG and MathML is not required though, so bonus points are awarded if your browser supports embedding these two technologies. SVG in text/html Yes ✔ MathML in text/html Yes ✔ Canvas 20 canvas element Yes ✔ 2D context Yes ✔ Text Yes ✔ Video +4 bonus points21/31 video element Yes ✔ Subtitle support No ✘ Poster image support Yes ✔ The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If browser support for one or more video codecs is detected, two bonus points are awarded for each codec. MPEG-4 support No ✘ H.264 support No ✘ Ogg Theora support Yes ✔ WebM support Yes ✔ Audio +3 bonus points20 audio element Yes ✔ The following tests go beyond the requirements of the HTML5 specification and are not counted towards the total score. If browser support for one or more audio codecs is detected, one bonus point is awarded for each codec. PCM audio support Yes ✔ AAC support No ✘ MP3 support No ✘ Ogg Vorbis support Yes ✔ WebM support Yes ✔ Elements 24/30 Embedding custom non-visible data Yes ✔ New or modified elements Section elements Yes ✔ Grouping content elements Partial ○ Text-level semantic elements Partial ○ Interactive elements Partial ○ Global attributes or methods hidden attribute Yes ✔ Dynamic markup insertion Yes ✔ Forms 74/108 Field types input type=text Yes ✔ input type=search Yes ✔ input type=tel Yes ✔ input type=url Yes ✔ input type=email Yes ✔ input type=datetime No ✘ input type=date No ✘ input type=month No ✘ input type=week No ✘ input type=time No ✘ input type=datetime-local No ✘ input type=number Yes ✔ input type=range Yes ✔ input type=color No ✘ input type=checkbox Yes ✔ input type=image Partial ○ input type=file Yes ✔ textarea Yes ✔ select Yes ✔ fieldset Partial ○ datalist No ✘ keygen Yes ✔ output Yes ✔ progress Yes ✔ meter Yes ✔ Fields Field validation Yes ✔ Association of controls and forms Yes ✔ Other attributes Yes ✔ CSS selectors Yes ✔ Events Yes ✔ Forms Form validation No ✘ User interaction 37 Drag and drop Attributes Yes ✔ Events Yes ✔ HTML editing Editing elements Yes ✔ Editing documents Yes ✔ APIs Yes ✔ Spellcheck spellcheck attribute Yes ✔ History and navigation 5 Session history Yes ✔ Microdata 0/15 Microdata No ✘ Web applications 17/20 Application Cache Yes ✔ Custom scheme handlers Yes ✔ Custom content handlers No ✘ Custom search providers No ✘ Security 5/15 Sandboxed iframe Yes ✔ Seamless iframe No ✘ iframe with inline contents No ✘ Various 4/6 Scoped style element No ✘ Asyncronous script execution Yes ✔ Runtime script error reporting Yes ✔ Base64 encoding and decoding Yes ✔ related specifications Location and Orientation 0/20 Geolocation No ✘ Device Orientation No ✘ WebGL 25 3D context Yes ✔ Native binary data Yes ✔ Communication 33/37 Cross-document messaging Yes ✔ Server-Sent Events Yes ✔ XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Partial ○ WebSocket Yes ✔ Files 20 FileReader API Yes ✔ FileSystem API Yes ✔ Storage 20 Session Storage Yes ✔ Local Storage Yes ✔ IndexedDB Yes ✔ The Web SQL Database specification is no longer being updated and has been replaced by IndexedDB. Because at least 3 vendors have shipped implementations of this specification we still include it in this test. Web SQL Database Yes ✔ Workers 10/15 Web Workers Yes ✔ Shared Workers No ✘ Local multimedia 20 Access the webcam Yes ✔ Notifications 0/10 Web Notifications No ✘ Other 7 Page Visibility Yes ✔ Text selection Yes ✔ Scroll into view Yes ✔ experimental Audio 0/4 Web Audio API No ✘ Video and Animation 4 Full screen support Yes ✔ window.requestAnimationFrame Yes ✔ -->

Per informazioni più dettagliate sulle ottimizzazioni basate su compilatore, vedere il nostro Avviso sull'ottimizzazione.