Intel App Show 26: Paint, Model, & Code Using an Ultrabook

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In this episode we walk you through 3 stages of development from conceptualizing, modeling, and coding an app, all on using an Ultrabook. Why do this?....Well because we think this is a great way to show off the power, convenience of an Ultrabook. In this demo we see 3 very powerful and compelling applications that handle the 3 various stages of development.

MyPaint: MyPaint is an open source application free to use (but donate please), that is as powerful of a drawing application you can get, on any device. In the video we drew a sample sketch using MyPaint showing off its ability to easily duplicate and replace pen, paint, paper and canvas for any designer or developer needing to start the creative process. We also see its just as easy to do a rough design as it is to do final illustrations using this one application. On the Ultrabook, MyPaint is highly responsive and can work with peripheral devices to give you extra control you need like pressure senstitive drawing and painting.
Learn more about MyPaint here.

Blender: Blender is another open source application and is widely used in the film and cinema community for creating commercial animations. Blender is a very powerfull application that uses all the muscle an Ultrabook can provide. In this demo we show that you can quickly create 3D models using the Boolean modeling commands. Boolean modeling is complex and a feature rarely available on low cost or even free modeling packages. This feature allow you to create complex shapes by simpling intersecting one or more shapes to create a new one. Once our model is complete, it's now ready for export and use in our next phase if application development.
Find out more about Blender here

Unity: Unity is fastly becoming the developer tool of choice for developing highly visual, graphical applications across mobile and PC devices. We show you how you can quickly control your 3D models using simple javascripting commands in Unity. A great feature of Unity is its ability to provide a framework for building all sorts of applications and games that require real world physics and animations. As you can see in the demo Unity is easy to manipulate and the sample game we create is very responsive. Unity with additional plug-ins will allow you to export your app for use on iOS and Android devices, but for Ultrabook applications you can use the free version.
Learn more about Unity here

In the end you can see that each of these applications perform amazingly well on an Ultrabook. So the question has to be, if these applications look this good, work this well, and meet the demands of a developer, imagine how your best apps can work and be used on an Ultrabook.

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