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Where is the Forum site for Cilk-5.4.6? I do not think it is this one. Also, where are other Cilk forum sites if any?

I have some questions and I do not think they belong at this Cilk forum site. It I need to move elsewhere so please tell me where the other cites may be?

I started a thread last Fall and then worked on another project for several months (which also used Intel devlopment software) and I cannot find the thread or the site to reconnect.I would like to continue the tread and i cannot find it.

Where are other Intel Cilk Forum sites?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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Bradley Kuszmaul here, from MIT. I was the most recent maintainer of MIT Cilk. We don't really support MIT Cilk any more. If you liked MIT Cilk, I think you'll like Intel Cilk.

I found the old posts. thanks you.


As Bradley mentioned, there is not really a forum or support for MIT Cilk. But since there is significant commonality between the versions, you should feel free to post generic Cilk-related questions here, or if you encounter any issues when trying to port code from older versions of Cilk to Intel Cilk Plus.

Also, in case you are not aware, in addition to being integrated into our product offerings, Intel Cilk Plus is also available in open-source, in the "cilkplus" branch of GCC 4.7 [see the information on
website for more details].



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