a problem about mpiexec

a problem about mpiexec

hi everyone,
i compile my code with IVF11+VS2008+WINXP64,i got no error and warning infomation .when i execute the programme in the cmd window like this :mpiexec -n 4 test.exe , i got noting,the cursor just blink and i got four test.exe in task manager ,but the cpu usage is 0%when i use mpiexec wrapper ,everything goes well.
my mpi libraries is MPICH2,and mpiexec is INTEL MPI
ps: when i use MPICH2`s mpiexec , i also got the problem ,what cause this problem?
please help me , THX!

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appears that this question may be MPI specific and less related to Intel
Parallel Studio. If this is the case, you
may wish to post MPI related questions to the Intel Clusters and HPC
Technology forum at http://software.intel.com/en-us/forums/intel-clusters-and-hpc-technology/


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