Simultaneous Use

Simultaneous Use

My customer writes:

some of our engineers will use
routine to run Visual Fortran on a SCIF (Sensitive Compartmented Information
Facility) machine and simultaneously use Visual Fortran on an office machine.

Will he be in violation of the Intel end user license agreement that says:

one copy of the Materials is in use at any one time.

Please advise,Thanks..Dave A. from Lifeboat Distribution.

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Hello Dave,

Is the customer asking about using a single user license to compile on two machines at the same time? If so, my interpretation of the EULA is that is a violation of the terms. The a single user license allows the compiler to be installed on multiple machines in order to accommodate users who move between machines. It is not intended to be used on multiple machines at the same time.

Intel Developer Support

A good reference KB article with a link to the EULA is located here.

Thanks Rob, as I thought.Dave A. from Lifeboat.

It's OK if only one user is using the compiler. The distributable run-time libraries can be copied to all the machines.

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