cannot create executable files

cannot create executable files

Hi all,

I've just installed the compiler (on RedHat Linux 7.3) but I cannot create executable files, in detail:

> ifc file.f

[ (messages from terminal -> some warnings but no errors):

472 Lines Compiled
ld: No such file or directory

creates 2 files:

- work.pc
- work.pcl

but no .o file.

As regards installation I added:

. /opt/intel/compiler60/ia32/bin/

to .bash_profile, and I checked its effect with the "set" command.

> set


I defined the environment variable:

Can someone explain me where is the problem?

BTW my program works fine :-) with g77.

Thank you

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I solved the problem ..... I forgot installing ld ... ooops.


comment as-tu fait pour installer ld. Il faut aussi que j'installe as.
Merci d'avance


excuse meI answer you in french!

could you say me howyou do for install ld.i need to install it and as too.

Could you help me.


You must install the gnu binutils package appropriate for your linux installation. Often, this is done simply by installing the gcc development package.

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