New to fortran-need simple solution

New to fortran-need simple solution

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I have the task of scanning a hardcopy of fortran code and compiling it to make it work. I have thus far created the document and named it Fortran.f I am unsure of the extension, it was created in the 70's so I'm assuming its Fortran 77. I get a compilation error of the following:
Fortran.f(69) : Error: Syntax error, found END-OF-STATEMENT when expecting one of: ( ...

From this line of code:

REAL*4 CODE (20,99)
REAL*4 AODE(20,10) / 5.0,3.7,.022,.026,0.,.184,.740,.090, 0.075,.085,2.,1.,3.,1., 1.,3.,,0.740,80.,700.,500.0 /
C 1 #6 5-12-17 KV PILC 3-1/C c
2 5.0,5.0,.025,.042,0.,.232,.640,.139, 0.075,.060,2.,1.,3.,2., 1.,3.,0.640,80.,500.,500.0 /
C 2 #4 5KV R-L 3-1/C 80 DEG C

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Too bad you don't have the cards, that might make this easier. Anyhow I think your task will be made a lot easier if you can get your OCR software to understand "columns" and keep the whitespace as it was in the original. In your case the spacing is obviously different than it was originally, and I see a couple of double commas. Getting a completely accurate rendition of the original (or hand editing if that is practical) is your best solution.


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