What statements cause a beep?

What statements cause a beep?

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I have some legacy code and sometimes on user input a beep occurs.
This can be annoying for others so I'm trying to remove all beep calls.

The only one I can find is :-


There must be others as some beeps still occur.

Any suggestions, thanks,


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my guess is a Beep function, that is, Beep (dwFreq, dwDuration)) (boolean type, arguments of type dword)
or BeepQQ run-time subroutine (within DFLib). Latter takes frequency and duration as parameters of type Integer 4.


Writing ascii character 7 (BEL) to a console, as in :

write(*,*) char(7)

will cause a beep.

David Jones

It might be worth going to the Windows Start..settings..Control Panel..Sounds and Multimedia
to see what windows messages have had sounds associated with them (e.g. message boxes with MB_iconexclamation etc)
Try setting all the sounds to 'none' and seeing what happens.

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Another thing that can cause a beep is if you press a key while Windows isn't looking for a keypress. This won't happen in a Console application, but could (I think) happen in a QuickWin and definitely in a Windows application.


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Thanks for all your suggestions, but none of these seem to cause the beep.


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You say that is happens 'sometimes' This suggests to me that the input is being masked for valid keystrokes; if it passes, no beep, and converesly. Windows supplies the beep for free if warranted (well it does so in VC++ and VB so you might want to see if it does likewise in VF).

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