How to convert uint4 to unsigned int

How to convert uint4 to unsigned int

Ritratto di nikey1

Hi guys,
I am trying to copy an image from source to destination. I am using the readimageui() routine in the kernel and this returns uint4 type. So when using the writeimageui() I just want to write it as of type unsigned int. Then I can write it to the destination buffer which in the host code, is of type unsigned int.
Please tell me how do I convert the uint4 vector type to unsigned int..

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Ritratto di Raghu Muthyalampalli (Intel)

You can always access the components of the vector data type with 4 elements as .xyzw. Basically uint4 is 4 unsigned ints in contiguous locations in memory and typically mapped to the underlying SIMD hardware. Hope that helps.


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