Android Device Emulator - Intel x86 Atom - Force GPU Rendering Issue

Android Device Emulator - Intel x86 Atom - Force GPU Rendering Issue

This is a feedback for Intel x86 Atom System Image for Android 4.0.3 (API 15) package:

There is inconsistency with configuration settings related to'Force GPU rendering' option. Why did you
assume that Android Virtual Device has a GPU? Why did you allow to enable 'Force GPU Rendering' when
'GPU emulation' is not selected in a supported 'Hardware' list? Please take a look at:

Settings -> Developer options -> Force GPU Rendering

A screenshot is enclosed:

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Sergey,You see this behaviour because there runs an unmodified version of Android inside the emulator. That means that you have the same options as on a real device. If the hardware is emulated without GPU acceleration (your option on the screenshot) than I would assume that the option is simply not changing anything.If you think that behaviour should be changed, here is the Android* Bugtracker from Google:,Alex

Quoting Alexander Weggerle (Intel) is the Android* Bugtracker from Google:

Thank you, Alexander. I'll take a look.

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